"Joe's production and recording skills have been an invaluable help to me. Not only is he incredibly adept and versatile, being able to work with live musicians and scoring parts from them, he's also able to create cutting edge electronic production, and work in such a wide range and variety of styles. To top it off, he's such a pleasure to work with and a genuinely lovely person. I cannot recommend him more highly." Fabio D'Andrea


"Joe is an amazing collaborator. He takes the most obscure descriptions of sounds that I give to him and turns them into pop bops. I’m always so excited to get a new mix back from him, he takes a basic vision from me and makes magic every time!" Rachel Kerry


“A huge thank you to Joe Rodwell. You done an amazing job with my track ‘goodbye’, it sounds awesome. An amazing musician and producer. Great guy to work with. He had an amazing ear for the sound that I wanted to get across in my track. A funny, relaxed and professional producer.”  Ella Nixon


"I have come to know Joe as a great musician and incredibly gifted producer with the unique ability to really read people, capture the essence of what they are trying to achieve, and translate that into convincing sonic landscapes of sound and music that really fit the song, the style, and the message of the artist." Claudia Heidegger