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iMac Pro 2017 - 10 core 3.0/4.5Ghz 32GB RAM

Mac Book Pro 2011


Apple Logic Pro 10.5

Ableton Live 9 Suite

Avid Sibelius 6

Apple Mainstage 3

Steinberg Cubase 5

Audio Interfaces, Pre-amps, Compressors

Coil Audio CA70S

Maag Magnum K Compressor

Focusrite ISA one preamp

RME FireFace UCX

RME Babyface Pro


Chandler Limited TG Microphone

Rode K2 tube mic with original, Amperex and Telefunken tube

SE R1 Ribbon mic

Rode NT1a

Shure SM57

Shure Beta SM58

Shure Beta 98H/C

Aston Halo Reflection Filter


Sequencial Prophet 6 Analog Synthesizer

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2

Bach Strad 43 Trumpet

Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar (American)

Squier Vintage Jazz 5-String Bass

Hohner Countryman Acoustic Guitar

B&S Challenger Flugelhorn

John Packer Single French Horn

Gon Bops Bongo Cajon 

Korg X5-D Synthesizer

Various Percussion toys

Monitoring and Headphones

Eve Audio SC208

Alesis Monitor 1 Mk2

Bose QC25

Beyerdynamic DT250s

Software Instruments

Spitfire: Chamber Strings, London Contemporary Strings, Olafur Arnolds Chamber Evolutions, Orchestral Swarm, Hans Zimmer Percussion, Labs

Vienna Symphonic Library: Special Edition+, Upright Bass, Bb Trumpet, Flute I

East West: Composer Cloud

That Sound: Organic, 1993, Mammoth, Mint 70s

Expansion: BFD 2, Modern Snare Selects, Maple Jazz

Native Instruments: Komplete 11, Battery 4

Waves: Electric 200

Slate: Trigger 2 Deluxe

Plugin Boutique: Big Kick


Audio Plug-ins

Waves: Many

Soundtoys: All

Izotope: RX4, Nectar 2, Vinyl, Ozone 8

Ceremony: Melodyne 4 Assistant

Fabfilter: Pro Q3

Audiothing: Type A, Springs

Sound Radix: Auto-Align

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