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Born in London, raised in Bristol - my musical life started when I was around 6, with piano lessons after school. Despite having a great teacher and supportive Mum, the piano playing was questionable! It was only when I started playing the trumpet with the local scout band that musical life started blooming (and thankfully the piano playing started improving!).

Band life took over, and if I wasn't at rehearsal I was playing instruments at home. During my early teens I was given a copy of the scoring program Encore and started messing about writing my own tunes. I'd started to pick up a few arranging tips from the instructors and became obsessed with the paper scores I 'borrowed' from the band room filing cabinet. Around the age of 15 I started arranging music for the band, and in the years to come, other bands around the country.

During the late 90's I started getting into electronic music as a listener, and really wanted to know how all these cool sounds were being created. This led me to want to pursue a sound engineering/music production route, and through the aid of learning the basics of the Playstation game 'Music 2000' I gained a spot on the limited availability Music Technology course at City of Bristol College. 

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